Judging Criteria for Pacific Northwest Science Fairs  - Elementary Version

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Needs Improvement

Research - Bibliography

You used information from four or more different sources.

You showed where the material was used in your report.

You used information from two or three different sources, or

You listed more, but it was not apparent where it was used in your project.

You used information from one source, or

Your project does not incorporate the material you listed.

No bibliography, or

No background research is evident.

Originality/ Creativity

You devised a unique and original experiment.

You used a known experiment, but modified the procedures, data gathering or application to test an extended or new hypothesis.

You duplicated a known experiment from any source to confirm the hypothesis, or

The hypothesis was totally predictable and the results known beforehand

You presented computer downloads or photocopies of already published material.

Data Collection

Your data were quantitative in nature, with sufficiently large samples to show statistical significance.

Your important variables were identified and controlled

Your data are quantitative in nature, but your sample size was too small to adequately test your hypothesis.

Your data were qualitative
(not measured)

Or, your data were quantitative, but collected from only a few samples.

No original data were collected. You used already published materials.

Data Analysis

You presented your data in the form of properly constructed graphs.

You attempted to present your data in the form of graphs or tables.

You simply listed the results.

Your data were not analyzed.

Display Quality

Your display is neat, title is clear and visible from a distance, diagrams and objects are properly anchored

Your display is neat, but objects or diagrams are not neatly done, or missing. Text contains minor spelling errors.

Your display is not well constructed.

Your text contains significant errors in spelling or syntax.

No display. Report and/or apparatus only.


Conclusion is not trivial. Conclusion directly relates to hypotheses and is supported by the data.

Conclusion fits with the hypothesis but is not well supported by the data, or the data is visibly inadequate to support the conclusion.

An attempt has been made to present a conclusion.

No conclusion.

Verbal Defence

You know your research and project thoroughly. You can explain it to the judge’s satisfaction.

You are able to summarize your project to the judge’s satisfaction.

You are not able to fully explain the research or the content of your project.

You are unable to explain what your project is about.

Judges’ Discretionary:

q       Exceptional Display

q       Exciting Project

q       Extra Effort

q       Controls were used

q       Project at or above grade level

q       Extra Research

q       Outstanding Data Book

q       Errors recognized

q       Scientific literature used.

q       Variables recognized



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